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VINI International is an entrepreneurial venture started by Mr. Darshan Patel , the DNA of Paras Pharmaceuticals ltd, instrumental in creating great brands like Moov, D’Cold, Set Wet, Ring Guard and Dermi Coolof which most of them were leaders in their respective categories. In December 2010, Reckitt Benkiser  Group (RB) bought over Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Paras) for US $850 million.

The Man Behind

Mr Patel had no formal grounding in the basics of branding and marketing. I did not had the A of advertising, B of branding and C of consumer insight until the early 90's he says. Mr Patel's first brush with marketing happened in 1986 when he was asked to help out the family-run business Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


We provide differentiated products for people to smell, look, feel and do good - helping them to realize their aspiration and express their individual personalities to the fullest. This gives value to our business and to the working life our employees.


To become the leading personal care products provider globally.

“VINI believes in brand power. We feel brand is any company’s greatest asset which cannot be created by only pricing of products. Offering quality products is a must. Consumers have been attracted to VINI products due to our effective marketing strategies that include unique TV Commercials. The “Differentiation Strategy” is the main reason behind our success. We always come up with products that are unique, compared to other brands.”

Samir Bhattacharjee
Director - International Marketing