Best Way to Apply Deodorant

The use of deodorants has become indispensable in many people’s lives and has become synonymous with concern for personal hygiene. However, with the increased use of this product, the use has been made in several ways, and many of them, even wrong, that does not help in a longer and effective duration of the product. Read on to find out the best way to apply deodorants, thus getting the most out of this essential cosmetic for the feeling of well-being and freshness.

There are several ways in which people pass deodorant under their armpits, but most procedures are inefficient, leaving users unsatisfied with the odor that, even after applying deodorant, has not yet been neutralized. This situation is not encouraging for those who buy the product thinking that the problem will be solved, but now the correct form will be presented and you can feel free and confident, living without blockages or fears.

The most effective procedure for the deodorant to have its prolonged effect is as follows: at night, after bathing, thoroughly dry the entire underarm area and apply an adequate amount of the product. At this point, the pores of the skin will be dilated by the bath, so that the product will be absorbed more effectively. In the morning, when taking a shower, apply the deodorant again, but be careful, it is necessary that the armpits are dry. When wiping with wet armpits, the product will not stick. Many people worry about deodorant at night, afraid of not letting the skin rest or “breathe”, however when the customer gets confidence in the product they use, reads the packaging or seeks to know, for example, if there are substances that may cause irritations to the skin, the use mentioned above can be done without fear,

With Fogg deodorant, you can have complete confidence and perform the procedure described above. Vini International has a wide range of deodorants, that pleases many people.

The Fogg deodorant fragrance is much appreciated too, as well as present some benefits, such as preventing no mixing between different aromas if you use a perfume that has a sharp aroma, also minimizes the risk of the emergence of irritation in the armpits, as it has in Its composition is allantoin which is a chemical compound that protects the skin, offering several benefits and providing health to it.